My life is all about art.

I have been capturing portraits long before the selfie became an art form.  That being said, I appreciate the need for my art work to stand out among the huge over-saturation of images and for me as a professional photographer to innovate ways to present imagery.    

I also believe very strongly as a mother of two teenage daughters that my goal as your personal photographer is to capture authentic personalities and real relationships and not create a faux persona nor attempt to turn children into singular or moody models.  The biggest compliment I enjoy is that I captured the true spirit and joy of your unique child.  I am fortunate to have regular clients with whom we collaborate to photograph at new locations each year. I feel a lot of pride for my work and a passion for capturing the moment when light, composition and my subject's energy snap together.   

My innovations in turning imagery into art lead me to expand my work into interior design. Collaboration with my clients, creativity with materials, and excellent project management ensure that visions are realized.  My designs and execution of those designs consider the way families want to live in and enjoy their homes.  My background in business, studies in art and attention to detail has allowed me to deliver creativity in an organized, timely and well executed manner to many happy clients.